So, a little about us...

We are a unique communications supply company devoted to ensuring that your marketing messages are seen and heard as clearly as possible, specialising in event management, audio visual hire and graphic reproduction.

We have the resources and experience to support your marketing activity with the perfect platform for success. We pride ourselves on professionalism and we guarantee never to let our customers down.

How we do it

What makes us different?

We're so much more than event management, we offer a unique experience individually created for every single client.

Here's how...


With a small local team we work around the clock until we're happy with the job. Our team are warm, friendly, and always happy to help.


With a bank of experienced AV Technicians, Production Managers and Event Stylists and countless successful events under our belt Amplitude has the skills to ensure your event will be a success from start to finish.


With over 20 years experience amplitude has the knowledge to create a truly spectacular event. We have built an outstanding reputation on 3 guiding principals of ‘value for money’, ‘outstanding customer service’ and ‘delivering WOW’


We look at all the factors involved before we begin, our target is to get the best possible experience for your event, through our planning and strategies we have never missed that target.


We've been known to work overnight... We're here first thing until last thing on a night, if something needs to be done, we'll get it done and we're aiming for perfection every time.


With a warehouse full of AV and marquee stock and countless talented technicians the only thing between you and the successful event you have been dreaming of is a phone call.

Our Work

Events Production

With a twenty year track record we think we’ve learned a thing or two about event management. Good management is not only about planning – it’s also about risk assessment, cost control, people management and budget control.


Here at Amplitude we know that selecting the perfect venue for your wedding or event can be the most important decision you will make during the planning of your event. A marquee is the perfect venue as it gives you an opportunity to completely personalise every aspect of your event

Equipment Hire

Audio visual equipment plays an important role in any event. Naturally it includes the very latest in microphones, speakers, amplifiers, graphic equalizers, projectors, screens, monitors, stage lighting, special effect systems and so much more. We deliver. We install. We collect. You win.